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B2B depth interview
Research recommendations
Data analysis
Research partner
Research debrief
B2B survey
Research insights
Research recruitment
Actionable insights
Telling the story

Our research methodology is driven by the needs of each project and a bespoke hybrid approach is often applied.


Focus groups, Individual/ paired depth interviews (face to face/ telephone)



Telephone, Online, Mobile, Face-to-face, Postal surveys


Call Analysis, Mystery Calling

We provide a dedicated hands-on Research Director who works on every detail of your project, from initial proposal right through to final debrief and who has first-hand knowledge of the issues being raised during the research


We have provided solutions across the spectrum of research


Providing research-based recommendations to specific marketing issues and/or areas of enquiry, using a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods


Measuring the effectiveness of advertising across all media types; Press, Magazine, Radio, TV, Online, Outdoor, Doordrop, via continuous tracking and qualitative testing


Measuring brand health and position in the marketplace and recommending strategies for improvement, including; brand tracking research; brand identity/ equity research, brand name research

Brochure and Catalogue

Researching and recommending improvements to content and brochure look/layout, conducted via group discussions and/or depth interviews

Buyer Journey Maps

The steps your B2B buyer takes, seen from their point of view and captured via qualitative interviews, from the initial consideration of a solution to the purchase decision and on into the implementation stage of using the product or service

Buyer Persona

Creating aggregate representations of the buyers infuencing or making decisions about your solutions, crafted from qualitative interviews conducted with actual B2B buyers and based on their insights and experiences


Call Analysis

Analysing customer calls to help drive improvements in customer service, conducted from analysis of recorded customer calls

Customer Satisfaction

Measuring satisfaction, identifying key drivers and recommending strategies for increasing satisfaction and loyalty. Quantitative research, with support from qualitative findings

Mystery Caller

Assessing operational processes and service levels, conducted via a series of scenario-based mystery calls


Obtaining customer feedback on products at various stages of development, utilising a range of qualitative methods

Product Range

Obtaining feedback on product range and identifying areas for improvement, employing a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods


Segmenting markets/ sectors based on customer needs and creating segment profiles, applying quantitative research, with support from qualitative findings

Research partner
Research debrief
Path to success
Clear recommendations
Research insights
On time research
Solid research foundations
B2B research
Customer satisfaction
Insight focus
Customer feedback
Customer journey
Data analysis
Buyer persona
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